Thursday 4 October 2007


So having allowed Aberaeron in the Guide 'because it's easier to get to than half the other places that are actually nearer Aber' reasoning, one then must also include Mach. So three intrepid APG Agents braved the wilderness (and stinky train) in November in order to provide you, dear reader, with a comprehensive list and write-up of all the pubs that the home of Owain Glyndwr's parliament has to offer.

Except that I haven't written them up yet, because I've been busy.

Watch this space...

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Anonymous said...

Used to go to Mach quite regularly on Sunday evenings when I was a student in Aber (1985-88), because Aber was still dry on Sundays at that time, and Mach was the nearest non-dry town. The Dyfi Forrester was the usual stop. Decent Marstons Pedigree and sometimes Owd Roger. Cheap food "pizza" and chips for 1.20 - though the pizzas were tiny lumps of bread dough with a bit of tomato sauce and grated cheese, that you used to be able to buy frozen in packs of 10.