Tuesday 17 January 2006

Has the Aber Vaults (nee Weston Vaults) changed again?

Well to my surprise I've had a comment purportedly from the pub's management (you can view it below) which tells me that Aber Vaults is under new management and has been refurbished (again?!). Anyhoo, apparently it's all change, so take my review with a pinch of salt until I (or one of my undercover agents) makes a visit...which given that all the students have buggered off until the end of September means it might be a while.

"the Aber Vaults has been change as well as Management. Place is fully refubrished and do not look like old Aber Vaults which your blog show. Can you plese remove this very old pictures and inapropiriate coments because its very harmful for Aber Vaults. You are welcome to have a look and make some picture of new Aber Vaults. As well as there is accomodation for student and B&B. Regard new management of Aber Vaults"