Q: I'm a former Aber student and I'm planning a weekend back - where's the best place to stay?

A: Well, I'm not Google, but I've found that the Maes-Y-Mor hostel (above the laundrette on Bath Street) does very nice accommodation at a very reasonable price - a twin room is £40 a night, so that's £20 per person plus there's a clean kitchen and good bathroom facilities. 

For bargain-basement cheapness (but with less creature comforts) try the Park Resorts caravan park near Borth. You can squeeze a load of punters in for very little, especially out-of-season. The Queensbridge on the Prom is pretty good - £35 pppn including an all-you-can eat breakfast - just what you need with a massive hangover. Also a great place to play man vs machine (people in lift vs people going up the stairs to the top floor).

Q: What's your favourite pub?

A: My preferences are fairly obvious in the reviews but in short, the Ship & Castle; whilst I won't often turn down a pint in Rummers, the Druid Inn (Goginan) and Harbourmaster (Aberaeron).

Q: Are there any gay clubs/pubs in Aber?

A: Not obviously so since the demise of the Boar's Head. "Court Royale is worth a look, being the most gay-friendly pub in Aber, possibly because the owner is the campest man in town. He also knows absolutely all the gossip."* Rummers, Salt and the Ship & Castle are all quite open-minded places due to the social mix of the punters. While most of the mainstream pubs and bars in Aber are casual places during the week, I'd be a bit more careful on a Saturday night when a more knuckle-dragging element come in from elsewhere to fight people and drink themselves into a coma. The Uni's LGBT Society may well be able to give more detailed advice about where's hot and where's not on a Friday and Saturday evening

Q: Aberystwyth has over 50 pubs, my mate/the internet says. So why do you only list 30 29 28?!? (AKA "How many pubs are there in Aberystwyth?")

A: In short, because Aber does not have over 50 pubs! It has over 50 'licensed venues'; these include private members clubs, nightclubs, small hotel bars and places like the football club, which are only open on match days. My definition of a pub is a venue that requires no fee, no dress code, no membership, allows you to order alcohol without being pestered to order food and is within 10 minutes walk from the centre of town.
So every pub in Aber is listed on here - and there are, by my calculation, 28 that pass the aforementioned tests. I am very thorough :)

Q: But is has the most pubs per head in the UK, right?

A: Wrong. That's Rhayader, an hour's drive away. One pub for every 173 people. And before you argue, it was awarded by Radio 4's More or Less programme, who are near-infallible on the numbers game.

Q: Which pubs offer the best food?
It all depends on what you'd class as being 'best' depending on your personal preferences. I can't really pass judgement as I usually eat elsewhere. Aber has lots of restaurants and cafes - try this site for a good list and info on the establishments. Treehouse and the Ultracomida Cantina and Delicatessen are my particular favourites (yes, I am a food ponce but they really are quite nice...). The Cabin does very cheap and cheerful rolls/coffee - priced on a par with a regular take-out at Spar so good for a tight budget! The Upper Limit is a post-hangover legend and the clever lass in charge is now experimenting with late-evening opening at weekends.

* - Hat-tip to Drunken Hussey 


Anonymous said...

Think a few need updating, Like the Spitfire Bar, RAFA Club. has live music nearly every weekend. Parties masked balls. Its going strong with a new colour on the front and further changes coming. Not like it was 2 years ago. Its one of Abers top live music venues now.

Anonymous said...

Prince of Wales,Aberaeron, needs updating. Recently reopened on 6th December 2013 after being closed for 18 months. Now run by Liz and Merv, very friendly people. Food good, beer very good and a warm welcome.

Anonymous said...

Please could you update Prince of Wales, Aberaeron. We reopened in December 2013 after the pub being closed for 18 months. We serve good food, great beer and a friendly welcome. We have a new phone number 01545570663..Look us up on facebook.