Wednesday 17 October 2007

Aberaeron - Black Lion Hotel

Address: 31 Sgwan Alban, Aberaeron, SA46 0AJ. Tel: 01545 571382 [gmap]
Last APG visit: 19/05/2012

Comprises two long narrow bars with a room at the back housing a pool table and TARDIS (see pic below: no reason for its presence given). Three ales on (two on one bar and a third in the other) most of which have been pretty terrible on my two visits, which is a shame especially as the odd unusual one gets on (Red Leg Golden Valley last visit). I suspect they think it's kept like keg...?

Sports TV often on. There's a few old pictures of the town's football team dotted around and it's the pub of choice for the half a dozen fans on match day. My sister was was able to cadge some goodies from a large bucket of sausages and chips that were doing the rounds in January 2011. Clientèle usually males between 25-45, not exactly a ladies pub.


Anonymous said...

obviously a very rare pub,well worth a visit for good beer and plenty of loal football history! pleasant atmosphere.

Beer,Pub's&Footie man said...

Been 3 times and tried both Bars.The Beer is dangerously bad.the Jukebox is traditional but has no decent music on it.

Anonymous said...

Obviously coca cola drinkers!

Anonymous said...

Great local pub....Fantastic atmosphere with plenty of banter!!! Fantastic