Monday 15 October 2007

Borth - Friendship Inn

Address: Borth High Street, Borth, SY24 5JA. Tel: 01970 871213 [gmap]
A nice little community place, with a couple of good ales on, one of which is the rather good Butty Bach - the condition of which is usually fairly good. Interior is down a step, feels like a proper little den. Bits of paraphernalia around the walls make for homely atmosphere. Check out the unusual pub sign, double sided with a different illustration on each
Dogs are welcome and a beer garden is located out back. TV in the main bar normally with horse racing on. Some unusual pics up in the bogs. Landlord is a bit of a misery though, cheer up mate! All in all, a nice pub, good for an impromptu singalong.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pub opens its doors at very irregular hours. Shame really as most of the locals say its been handed down generations and always used to be great.

The bitter tasted like pipes, and although the garden at the back is a hidden gem on a nice hot day I went back in to get another pint (about 3pm) and found they had locked up and gone.