Sunday 28 October 2007

Aberystwyth - Consti

Address: Constitution Hill, SY23 2DN. Tel: 01970 617642 [gmap]

Last APG visit: 06/03/2011

All there used to be at the top of the iconic Constitution Hill was the Camera Obscura and a small, draughty Nissen Hut serving tea, coffee and old Mars Bars. In a sign of the times, there is now a super-shiny fully functional bar-restaurant, double-glazed and ready to cater for your every whim (well, not quite, but you get what I mean). Be aware that the bar is only open when the connecting Cliff Railway is - 7 days a week from mid-March until early November, from 10am to 5pm. So don't turn up at 8:30pm in the middle of January expecting a pint.

Student factor: Depends when you go, but there'll normally be a few mixed in with the Brummie tourists and locals on a sunny Sunday stroll. 

Atmosphere: Feels a bit like a canteen in a double-glazing firms office, but frankly the wonderful views from the windows, where you are 430 feet up from ground level, more than make up for it.

Drinks range: Not bad at all - they stock the full bottled range of Brains ale (including Brains Dark) and have Brains Smooth on keg, as well as Carling. Surprisingly, real ale is available (though only Felinfoel or Cambrain Bitter). They also have 45, a 'Welsh Continental lager' (another Brains product) bottled, which tasted OK. Lots of non-alcoholic options available too. Prices are reasonable given the location.
TV/Music: Neither, that I recall. There may have been a radio on but I didn't notice as I was too excited about standing in a bar at the top of the Hill ordering a beer.

Other stuff: You can take your beer outside (so long as you return the glassware) which is brilliant on a sunny day as we experienced in April (see pic above). Lots of places to sit and enjoy your drink with stunning views. Just be careful of the wasps in the summer - they get everywhere. There's a function room available to hire. 

Here are some spurious Cliff Railway/Constitution Hill factoids:
  • It's the longest electric cliff railway in Britain, and opened in 1896.
  • It originally operated on a sophisticated water balance system but went electric in 1921.
  • The carriages travel at a leisurely 4 miles per hour.

Quinno's verdict: They've done a super job on this, and I'd heartily recommend a few beers up here on a warm summers afternoon - the perfect place to revise, I'd wager.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to pint up here when I return in October. DO they get some of the local druids to lug up the barrels or something? I can't imagine the tram being able to be loaded up with anything more than a 24pack without its string pulley snapping.