Wednesday 17 October 2007

Aberaeron - Castle Hotel

Address: Market Street, Aberaeron, SA46 0AU. Tel: 01545 570205 [gmap] 
Last APG visit: 19/05/2012

Recently refurbished hotel lounge with a semi-circular bar area at its centre. The interior is quite swanky (dig the uplighters) but in an attempt to cater for all tastes  - or perhaps in acknowledgement of the Harbourmaster - it avoids being too upmarket and markets itself as a sports bar also, which makes for an odd client√®le mix. 

Food is on offer, which looked pretty good to us. More importantly, real ale is served (hooray)...we've sampled it here a few times and jolly good it is too, usually sourced from Welsh micro brewers like Evan Evans; Leffe also available for the poshos. There's a large piano in the but no idea if it works - give it a tinkle and let us know. We also thought the toilets were of a higher standard than one would usually expect. Background music was easy-listening Indie, if you can imagine such a concept. Overall, a pretty good (if slightly confusing) place and joins the Harbourmaster and Cadwgan as 'must-do' Aberaeron pubs - right opposite the square where the buses go from so an ideal place for a final pint before heading back to Aber.


Anonymous said...

Had a Wilderbeast on wall last time I went

Paul Griffiths said...

Bostin pint of Brains Best Bitter. Great atmosphere and fully agree with review worth a visit