Tuesday 23 October 2007

Aberystwyth - Orangery CLOSED

+++UPDATE May 2012 - this has had yet another change and is now Bella Italia or somesuch. There appears to be no bar of any significance so I will be removing this from APG in the near future and adding it to the RIP section.+++

Formerly known as The Talbot Hotel; Brady’s; El Retro 

Address: 10 Market Street, SY23 1DL. Tel: 01970 617606 [gmap]
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Last APG visit: 07/11/2009

Background: A far cry from its previous chequered incarnations as low-grade seedy dives, this place is a p.o.s.h. a wine-cum-coffee bar; the inside is all muzak and mood lighting. As for the posh history of the building, read the informative plaque pictured below.

Student factor: A few, mainly postgraduates and girls from the Home Counties called Harriet and Verity. Otherwise it’s 30-something men and women conducting elicit affairs, rotund estate agents schmoozing clients and old ladies having tea and scones during the daytime. 

Atmosphere: Pleasant and relaxed - if you’ve got a hot date and want a quiet drink, dimmed lighting and some posh food, this is a no-brainer. Big groups of half-cut students not welcome but children and the gay community are, so I'm informed. 

Drinks range: Lots of wine, an eclectic mix of left-field bottled lagers and ales (try the Kelpie Seaweed ale for something particularly outlandish). Liqueur coffees available too. It's expensive for Aber, so be prepared - a small bottle of Budvar will set you back over £3.50.
TV/Music: Calming soothing muzak and old jazz. Niiiiice. 

Other stuff: Pleasing art deco feeling interior and the aforementioned food, which is popular. Toilets are top-notch, although a bit of a hike. Now owned by the same bloke who runs the mighty Shilam. Table service is the norm here, going to the 'bar' too often will make you look common. Don't forget to pay before you leave - I have.

Quinno’s verdict: Dividing opinion down the middle, this is truly the Marmite of the Aberystwyth scene. At least it’s not El Retro any more, that was the poorest excuse for a bar I’d ever been in. Go in to find out what it’s like and make your own mind up. I like it for what it is.


mowerbyte said...

Open again under new management (in Feb 2009). I haven't eaten there since it reopened, but my wife did meet up with friends the other night and had a good experience. There are certainly cheaper places in Aber but it has a nice ambience and the service is friendly. Worth a look.

Richard said...

I remember when this was the Talbot Hotel/ Stadium Sports bar. They had a main Bar to the right, then at the back a large open area with a bar and I think a projector for Sports on TV. It used to be really busy, part of the weekend 'crawl' around Aber for many. Started to go a bit quiet, but we still went, was boarded up for ages before it became the Orangery. I haven't set foot in it since. We all used to love going in for a few!