Friday 26 October 2007

Aberystwyth - Downies Vaults

Address: 33 Eastgate, SY23 2AR. Tel: 01970 625446 [gmap]
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Last APG visit: 21/08/2010

Background: Formerly a tidy boozer with some nice period features and comfy individualist drinking areas. Successive refurbs over the years has taken the edge off it though. Back in the day, this was a classic comfy two-roomed bar... 

Student factor: More of a locals pub at the weekend, but students make up a fair portion of the drinkers during the week, often from the Interpol Department. 

Atmosphere: Very packed and very rowdy on the weekend, but in contrast is quite quiet and reserved during the week. Go figure.

Drinks range: Not bad, has something for everyone. Main drink for the alcoholics and scrawny male students trying to show off is the Admiral – 4 vodka’s and a Red Bull. Last time I heard it was £4, making it a natural successor to the ‘triple vodka for 99p’ promotion that used to be on offer at the Beeching’s.

TV/Music: Mainly music, the jukebox in here was one of the best in Aber a few years back, but now just pumps out standard stuff. Although there are speakers in the bogs, which is a rarefied bonus in these heathen parts. 

Other stuff: Fred the landlord has a ‘unique’ way of removing unwanted drunken customers. Some nice stained glass windows and tiling if that sort of thing floats your boat. 
Quinno’s verdict: Sometimes worth a stop during the week, but less so on a weekend (unless you get there before 8:30pm), where the queues are too big, the jukey is too loud and you have to shout conversation to the person stood six inches away from you.


Anonymous said...

The smell was there when I went in a couple of weeks ago. The whole place was dirty and smelly. It was midweek, it was nearly empty. The music was turned to mach 10 though so I conversation could not be had. We left quickly.

Mr Jon Bull said...

Most definetly the best pub in Aber. I quite frequently drink 10 admirals and gob off to the staff. Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

WORST pub in Aber. Always full of pervy local old men, groping both male and female students. EVERY Saturday night there is a fight inside/outside between some drunken local teenage boy wanting to start on students.