Wednesday 17 October 2007

Aberaeron - The Monachty

Address: 7 Market Street, Aberaeron, SA46 0AS. Tel: 01545 570389 [gmap]
Last APG visit: 07/11/2009 

+++UPDATE Feb 2011+++
My sister has lambasted the beer quality again recently "Beer improved SLIGHTLY in Monachty, but was teetering on the verge, still." Oh dear!

A fairly modern Brains pub situated over two levels (a large dining are is on the upper level). A couple of Brains real ales on the go - Reverend James and SA on our visit - the Rev'd was pretty good, the SA less so (iffy quality borne out by latest visit from APG Agent Amelia who had to take a pint back). Features in the Good Beer Guide 2010 but shouldn't get into 2011 on this showing (UPDATE - somehow, it has). Decent quizzer and sports TV, plus a paved garden out the back. Not a bad stop but I'd be more tempted to amble on down the street towards the Harbourmaster if time is short.


Beer,Pub's&Footie man said...
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Beer,Pub's&Footie man said...

1st comment was for Harbour master