Monday 15 October 2007

Borth - Victoria Inn

Address: Borth High Street, Borth, SY24 5HZ. Tel: 01970 871919 [gmap]
Ceredigion CC historical pub info page

Last APG visit: 01/12/2009

+++Seems to have shut and re-opened again since the review below from 2009+++

The Victoria is now re-furbed and re-opened. Popped in for a pint and noted that:

a) The inside looks like a sanitized Wetherspoons. An odd choice for Borth. 

b) The interesting ale selection has been replaced by Rev'd James. Rubbish!

c) No obvious availability of ice creams, cockles or stuffed Gorillas.

d) And no multi-coloured fairy lights outside.

Can't imagine it'll be much fun on a wet November evening. We shall see. For now, it's abdicated its place as Borth's best pub. 

Previous review, for posterity:
A really, really good pub, lots of atmosphere. Has three ales on the go (two from the fabulous Wye Valley brewery and a Rev'd James) which are usually in good condition, though the Rev'd James had to go back on our last visit. Sells cockles and ice creams (from a dark room round the back!) and has food on in a restaurant section in the rear overlooking the sea. Also has a nice beer garden (no access to the seafront though, apparently!), as well as telly and a large stuffed Gorilla called Jacko (see below, posing with Degu) who you need to guess the birthday of for a quid. Oh, and the colourful fairy lights outside too. A winner, well worth the trip to Borth for on a wet and windy Friday night!

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Anonymous said...

When I worked there a long long time ago it was not like a wetherspoon at all! I do remember the landlord buying tinned macaroni cheese from lidl and trying to pass it off as "homemade"...