Tuesday 30 October 2007

Aberystwyth - Aber Vaults (was Weston Vaults)

Formerly known as Weston Vaults

Address: Thespian St, SY23 2JW. Tel: 01970 626110 [gmap] 
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Last APG visit: 19/05/2012 (for a quick viewing, the last 'proper' visit was mid 2011 so most of the review comes from then)

Background: Small two-roomed bar at the bottom of the hill opposite Death Junction. Recently given a complete overhaul - stripped wood floor, squiggly mirrors, black and white pictures, blue bead strip lighting etc

Student factor: Previously, few students went here but the new overhaul is aimed squarely at them – which given that the place is the second pub they encounter on their way down the hill, is probably a good call.

Atmosphere: Well, we were the only two in here early Friday evening, apart from two middle-aged locals which I imagine are not quite the clientèle the place is aiming for. The wide open door in the front bar which is inches from the junction made for a cold and uncomfortable feel along with the muted lighting.

Drinks range: Various spirits and mixer combos, along with ‘goldfish bowl’ drinks. No real ale, of course though a range of standard bottled beers are now available. To be fair, on our latest May 2012 viewing, the barman was helpful and accurate in telling us to go to the Ship & Castle for it!

TV/Music:  Chart music with a muted telly showing Pointless in the main bar. Back room houses another TV (tuned to some random footy match).

Other stuff: We liked the back-lit V shapes at the bar front that changed colour. The interior sports new banquette seating and a weird mix of new black tables and old bar stools from the old Weston, which are incongruous. Quizzer in the back room.

Quinno’s verdict: Time will tell how it fares, but it seems to be in direct competition with Harry’s. With students having to fork out even more money for tuition fees next year this place will need to be on its toes. CMStudent also has a well-written take in the comments below.

Old comments for Weston Vaults

Anonymous said...Wasn't too bad a few years back but nowadays the sleazy boyfriend of the landlady won't leave you alone if he's working. Landlady does a lovely Sunday Roast at a reasonable price but only go if you can stand the boyfriend's squeaky voice disturbing your meal. Be careful there as the boyfriend also has a tendancy to get violent when drunk.

1 July 2008 11:09

Anonymous said...
This is so true! He is a right sleaze! Not to be trusted! She's no better though! (What a man!)No atmosphere whatsoever in the pub.. If it was the last pub left in aber I don't think I'd drink there! You may think different but... 
7 September 2008 13:51 

PN said...Has had a mini- refurb and was good enough to sponsor a pair of uni football teams last year. Landlord (Stan) is a legend in his own right. Not the best quality drinks, but unassuming and a good place for a laugh with a small group. Also good for the crack of being pestered by the local drunks for a game of pool.

21 August 2010 15:28 


Anonymous said...

I really like yours site. keep it as is.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent! Where do you find this stuff?

Aber Vaults said...

Dear Quinno,
the Aber Vaults has been change as well as Management. Place is fully refubrished and do not look like old Aber Vaults which your blog show. Can you plese remove this very old pictures and inapropiriate coments because its very harmful for Aber Vaults. You are welcome to have a look and make some picture of new Aber Vaults. As well as there is accomodation for student and B&B. Regard new management of Aber Vaults
ps. The business contact number has been change as well which is 01970 626110

CMStudent said...

Yeah, as the guy above says, it's all changed again. Being run by the former floor manager at Harry's apparently.
Anyway, there's no more pool table and no more dart board, instead they have slightly weird neon blue lighting and modern black leather tables and seating, matched incongruously with some twee local artwork on the walls, of the sort more at home at a WI coffee morning. A VERY spartan bar, as in Stella, Carling, Strongbow and Marstons Smooth and that's it on tap, with a few things in a fridge below deck (including Hobgoblin and EPA, get that out in that open...). On the other hand, it's cheap - £2.20 for the Marstons, £2.00 after they realised we were staying for a while - and it's served as well as a pint labelled "Creamy" ever will be. And they do excellent cheap homemade food, of the traditional pub "I just cobbled this sandwich together in the kitchen and chucked it on a plate" variety rather than the pretentious stuff that usually passes for homemade. All gives it the feel of drinking in someone's front room, but that's not a terrible thing. And they also serve cocktails in fishbowls, if you want to try something rather different.

Anonymous said...

I own a business near here and just a note, there is new landlords as from 2010 who done a considerable amount of work on the place and run it very well, so those comments made back in 2008 should be removed, otherwise what chance have they got on putting an impression on the place!!

Quinno said...

"Last APG visit: 09/11/2011"

I rest my case :)

Sophia said...

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Unknown said...

This is a nice and friendly atmosphere a little busy and sometimes you have to wait but really enjoyable place.Great Gastro Pubs at Yorkshire..

Anonymous said...

I drank here in 1967 when it had the worst Banks beer in town - the landlord used to do the trick of emptying the slops into the mild barrel. I also drank here a few years ago when it became the Aber vaults.

I also drank here on the 12th July 2017 when it was certainly not shut and was again the Weston Vaults.

Paul "Dangerous" Cook said...

Had my 21st birthday binge in the Weston Vaults. All the TCE boys and girls came along to drink the bar dry. 21 pints and a two-day hangover. Glad I'm still alive. It was a bit of a dump back then. Its only claim to fame was that Fred, the barman from the Cwrt Mawr bar, used to drink there.

Anonymous said...

Visited the pub in the last few weeks, I think its turned into a gay bar now

Anonymous said...

In mid to late 70s it was a great pub , the place if you were a footballer or rugby player at the university.