Thursday 4 October 2007

Pisgah - Halfway Inn

Half Way Inn
Address: Mountain Road (A4120), Pisgah, SY23 4NE. Tel: 01970 880631 [gmap]
Last APG visit: 04/03/2011

Located half way (see?) between Aber and Devil's Bridge just before the treacherous Mountain Road really kicks in. It's only seven minutes drive from Aber, so it's worth a trip out on a lazy Sunday evening. "Societies/Halls used to organize coaches out there for piss-ups with plenty of people missing the coach back. You could serve yourself Ale from barrels in the bar as well."* Pub features a dartboard, pool and roaring fire. The stand-out attraction is a set of comedy stocks outside which make for a good snap.

It also serves food, with a great view from the window. Two ales on, Felinfoel Double Dragon and the nasty Hancocks HB (both of which were quite poor, so don't drink the ale here) as well as a couple of keg ciders, including the rather nice Stowford Press. This is aiming to be a rustic (dig the bare walls) genteel pub, so no swearing (as we found out).

Also, try this excellent write-up from Ant

*- Hat-tip: Ex-Aber student Andrew Buckland


Anonymous said...

stopped there for a piddle once the place looked derelict and unfinished, dont bother is my advice

Anonymous said...

My wife and I had a lovely meal there in early 2003. Assuming it's still operating to the same standards, thoroughly recommended!

RobinTheDrummer said...

The pub is still open and serves decent food. Ate there last night and it was good honest food. Sadly only one choice of real ale at the time of my visit but was a well kept pint.
When next in the area, I'd go back.