Tuesday 23 October 2007

Aberystwyth - Mill Inn

Formerly known as the Cross Foxes 

Address: Mill Street, SY23 1HZ. Tel: 01970 612306 [gmap] 
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Last APG visit: 17/05/2012

Background: Small watering hole, a little off the beaten track on Dan Dre. Hosts a downstairs area with a bar which has been semi-derelict for the last ten years. There used to be a downstairs bar area but apparently it is no longer useable (presumably ripped out?).

Student factor: Used to usually occupied by sports-types from the Uni and younger locals, though there seemed to be quite a sea-change in atmosphere on my last couple of visits, with a quite a relaxed (if boisterous) bohemian crowd.

Atmosphere: Used to need a machete to cut through the fug of cigarette smoke, which was part of its charm a few years back, and has definitely suffered since the smoking ban. It has at least been cleaned now! Otherwise can get very very crowded (sometimes unpleasantly so on Friday and Saturday nights because of its small size).

Drinks range: Heavily leaning towards funnily-coloured spirits and mixers, but enough other stuff to keep most people happy for an hour or two with competitive prices. Has upped the ale range (compared to a couple of years back - 15 years previously it had plenty), which seems to be getting better, quality-wise. Currently it appears to be stocking Porthmadog's Purple Moose.


TV/Music: A couple of TV’s, tuned almost exclusively to football and The Simpsons. Music from an average jukebox otherwise.

Other stuff: Formerly(?) the lock-in capital of Aberystwyth, this correspondent managed to do a 6pm-3am Sunday stint in here more than once after the quiz had finished during Guy's tenure (where is Quizmistress Karen now?). Also has comedy outside lavs for the gents, which are a bastard in the winter. The ladies by contrast, have it rather plush and heated. Now has brand new toilets for the gents - indoors, warm and, dare I say it, almost plush. Free pool during the day, if you’re lucky.

Quinno’s verdict: Not quite the pub it once was (I miss the lock-ins!) but still worth a visit outside the major crush times.


Anonymous said...

Let's be glad the Bank of England doesn't use the inflation rate on the Mill's vodka for its interest rates. They started at £1 in 2001 and last time I partook of one they were £1.80. Mugabe would be proud.

Still good though, and a cracking jukebox. Don't Need the Sunshine by Catatonia was a perennial favourite.

Unknown said...

Used to be a great pyb in the 1980's when Mal Jenkins was the owner. Great Pool Team, Great Lock-in's, and great mix of Uni and Townies (mainly but not limited to the Posties). Happier days maybe? Perhaps revisionist nostalgia but it was our home from home from 1984 to 1987 and site of numerous reunions in the 90's: Timbuk 3 and Jackie Wilson seemed to always be on the Jukebox back then, no TV, occaisional live music. Matt Duke

Anonymous said...

Now sells 50p Jaeger shots and £1 Jaeger bombs which is the cheapest I have ever come across (for instance 'Spoons charges £2.50 for Jaeger bombs). So great for a 2 minute stop on a weekend night out.

Anonymous said...

The Mill was a fantastic place in the 90s when I lived in Aberystwyth. It had the friendliest crowd of any pub I had ever been in. I was part of the pool team and we had a little cricket team going for a while too. The lock ins where legendary..on one occasion I stayed in that pub from 12 noon till twelve noon the following day..surely some kind of record. Mal Jenkinns was a lovely bloke and the man who took it over, Guy Evans, was too.

Anonymous said...

used to be called the Cross Foxs run by Bill Murray

Anonymous said...

Last time I was there Guy Evans was the landlord - good bloke!
Who's the landlord these days?