Saturday 20 October 2007

Aberystwyth - University Bars

Arts Centre Bar - Penglais, SY23 3DE. Tel: 01970 621885

Mainly sells expensive nitrokeg in plastic cups for the theatre-goers, but it does hold a peculiar ambience in the afternoons, especially with the views on offer if you bag a window seat (see below). The rolls and snacks from the cafeteria are surprisingly good value. Parts of the Arts Centre in general are starting to look a bit run-down and will need a refurb soon though.

Brynamlwg (UWA Social Club) - Penglais, SY23 3AN. Tel: 01970 628621
Hidden away in the trees between Trefloyne and Rosser, this is a members-only social club that's open to employees of UWA and affiliated institutions, plus Postgrads "Members may bring up to four guests into the club who are not entitled to become members of the club. Guests are not entitled to membership privilege discounts on drinks and meals but they may apply for temporary membership which will make them eligible for discounts"). Has a couple of handpulls visible through the window, so will try and pop in for one at some point.
Cwrt Mawr Bar - Penglais, SY23 3AN

+++UPDATE OCTOBER 2012 - Cwrt Mawr Bar to close!
Refurb alert! Gone is the nice cosy Cwrt Mawr of old, where you could settle down for a session and meet some unusual characters. Now some asstard has turned it into a crap version of Bar 9 (see below). Why? Lost a lot of what made it good. Now just a lame sanitised IKEA refit bar. Wank wank wank. They have at least improved the bottled lager range but frankly you'd be better off taking your SLC money elsewhere.

Old Cwrt Mawr review:
Traditionally one for the Indie kids, drama students and grizzled oddballs from Fishguard. Has a decent jukebox and a bit of character, unlike Rosser and PJM bars. Near the Cwrt Mawr computer room (smells of piss) which is good for a semi-drunken email to that girl/boy on your course you quite fancy, before heading back for more beer.
Penbryn Bar
Does not exist. And never has, sadly.
Student’s Union (Bar 9 and The Joint) The Union, Penglais, SY23 3DX. Tel: 01970 621700

+++UPDATE Oct 2012+++

Omnishambles at the Union! Read all about it here

"Disgruntled Student" writes:

"There's a lot of conjecture going round about all this (everything in the article has been common knowledge here since start of term). On an email sent round by Vice Chancellor April McMahon, she implies the bar will become a computer room and study space, more than coffee shop.

I do know, however, that the union sent round a desperate email at the end of September, advocating students get involved in running the union, and putting new events on (because basically if people aren't going to the union as much anymore, it's because all the events are the same every year and the music is predictable and not very decent). So I reply.  After receiving a non-personal, round-robin response about my idea for a night, I get invited to a meeting to discuss it.  Man never shows up. (When I check my emails, he emailed 15 mins BEFORE START of meeting, saying he couldn't make it.) Re-arrange it, and he doesn’t even apologise for messing me around.  Plus it turns out he's basically sold my idea out to Bay Radio, who wanted to do a night at the union to gain greater coverage and popularity apparently, but 'maybe I could still be involved'. Said he would email me and get me in touch with them about it, and perhaps I could still go along to their meetings about it (well, cheers).  I've never heard back.

So if that's the attitude of those running the union, and a reflection of how they treat those who they were appealing to, I'm not surprised that they are up shit creek without a paddle. "

Beware - if you’re not a student, you’ll need one to sign you in on theme nights. Comedy on every alternate Tuesday is excellent. Wednesday (cheese) and Friday (contemporary) suffer from having the same set list every week, you can set your watch by Brown Eyed Girl. Some originality would be nice. Bar 9 is a bit of soulless dump and is now in serious need of refurbishment (+++UPDATE 11/09+++ it has been, still looks naff though). Personally I thought it was better when it was the little green dive with Britpop posters on the walls and raised levels along with spots-and-stripes pool - the only one in Aber, now departed because the Union were too pikey to pay for lost/damaged balls. Bar 9 was the favourite haunt of Running Feral, back in the day. The Bernie Virgin Memorial Toilets are akin to having a dump in a submarine, Das Boot style - no loo seats so not great for the ladies. Overall the Union here does punch well above its weight. Ale is predicted for Jan 2013 but if they make it so half-arsed like they did when I was there (Felinfoel and never-cleaned pipes) then I wouldn't necessarily get excited...but I hoped to be proved wrong.


Anonymous said...

Penglais campus will nevr be the same again after Rosser bar shut. Although it had dodgy opening times, the atmosphere was better than any other bar on campus, particulary during live rugby and football, quiz night and karaoke. Dave's legendary smile was always a welcome gesture ;).

Anyway, Cwrt Mawr bar is ok for a quiet pint or for preparation for a night out in town. It gets busy when the football is on, so be in there quick to grab a seat. The staff are friendly - they will be happy to put the tele on for the boxing, etc - and the bar service is quick. The carlsberg though seems to be unexplicably carbonated beyond reasonable measure.

Anonymous said...

CM bar was wonderful back in the Mid 90s. Shitty, kanckered seating, free pool for the pool team on a sunday and a pretty good jukebox and selection of ale, plus a delighfully run down decor and hatful of bizarre characters. I was rather proud of the fact the the legendary Jon the barman would often start pouring my customary guiness as I walked in the door, so it was ready when I got served!