Sunday 7 October 2007

Llanfarian - Royal Oak

Royal Oak Inn


Address: Llanfarian, SY23 4BS. Tel: 01970 615355 [gmap]
Old photo on Ceredigion CC website
Last APG visit: 19/05/2012

So, after many years of passing this pub we finally managed to step inside. What a funny little place. Appears to be run by a team of Oriental ladies who gave us a warm welcome.

It has three rooms. To the right is a plush dining room (Thai food I believe), the bar is in the central room as you enter and up a couple of stairs to the left is a very spartan games room with dart board (there are two in the pub) and pool table.

Very little appears to have changed internally over the past 40 years, with period fireplace (a real fire too). The small of damp was pervasive so we were happy when the fire was lit upon our arrival. Indeed we were the only customers for 40 minutes until a coach load of pissed-up boyos arrived.

Drinks-wise, there was just the one ale - Cambrian Bitter - which was fairly terrible. Much amusement had by us at the attempts to pour it as the pump is stupidly stiff and the slightly-built oriental lady was giving it so much welly the entire bar top was literally moving moving up and down at around 33 degrees. Check out the gouge marks in the plaster on the right hand wall where it joins to see what we mean.

In conclusion, despite the friendly welcome I won't be rushing back.


Anonymous said...

Recently visited the Royal Oak. my husband loved the beer and the food was good, the staff are friendly nothing was too much trouble. We went by car and at the end of the night, we asked the landlord to call us a taxi but he insisted in driving us home himself. it's a small pub but well worth a visit

Anonymous said...

on entering a lovely warm fire,we had been told about the old chef had recently come back so we thought we would give it a try after a few ok but not great meals.
WOW it was great the young girl waitress was was superb(hot plates too)we had a wonderful nite good food good beer,we will be back soon with our friends

Anonymous said...

grreat news old chef back brilliant

Anonymous said...

Recently visited this lovely pub.the food was fantastic,gammon was to die for,huge portions.we had a great night,the locals were a laugh,well worth a visit.

Anonymous said...

We recently moved into the village and still waiting for the pub to open! I've heard its changing to a Fish and Chip styled restaurant now. I'm looking forward to meeting the new staff and management team, to see how the whole things turns out. I haven't heard particularly good reviews!