Tuesday 23 October 2007

Aberystwyth - Nags Head CLOSED

Address: 23 Bridge Street, SY23 1PZ. Tel: 01970 624725 [gmap] 
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Now closed and gone for good (June 2016). Thanks to Vas for the tip!

Last APG visit: 18/05/2012

Background: Classic out-of-the-way (well, on Bridge Street, it’s actually a stone's throw from the clock tower) two-roomed locals pub. 

Student factor: Few and far between - this is locals territory mainly - though the occasional two or three pop in as overspill from the clock tower area.

Atmosphere: If someone walks in who the regulars don’t recognise, it’s like a comedy Western where everything goes quiet, the honky-tonk piano falls silent and faces swing slowly round to look at you, before returning to their drinks. That said, once you’ve stayed a while and not shown any obvious characteristics of being the type of student ponce that gives students a bad name you can strike up some decent conversation with people. Decoration is spartan in the main bar, but there’s a roomy and sun-oriented beer garden out the back which is nice in summer (note that the beer garden isn't mentioned on rival sites... *cough cough*) and there's also now a games room with darts and pool, see below.

Drinks range: Since Kara left the usual suspects (a couple of well-kept handpulls for Banks Mild and Bitter) have been replaced by what looks like an extended offering from the Marstons range, plus the usual lagers. The ale quality under Kara was good and the place was included in the Good Beer Guide 2010 but I was distinctly underwhelmed by the two beers on offer in May 2012 (Hobgoblin and Tom Fool). 

TV/Music: TV and a so-so jukebox. Be prepared for a double-header of Bonnie Tyler and Meatloaf if the locals have put their cash in before you get there...

Other stuff: There's a darts board in the public bar on which you can attempt to beat a local (I wouldn't advise beating them by much though). Used to sell cockles which were always good for a drunken challenge but sadly these have gone the way of Roy Castle. Have a gawp at the pictures of the regulars in various states of intoxication pinned around the walls.

Quinno’s verdict: A ‘proper local' pub, it’s an enjoyable visit but many younger students will find it anachronistic and unappealing (a good thing for some though). Worth putting on a crawl list I reckon.


EB said...

All change here, Kara went to the Black Lion in Llanbadarn around March. Jury's still out on the new guys, printed polo shirts all round for the staff, and a friendly enough landlord constantly lurking at the back of the bar. Hopefully they've settled in now, and sacked the world's worst bar girl:

"I'll have a pint of Smooth please". (Girl puts hand on Bitter pump) "Is that this one?".

Next customer "I'll have a mix please" (standard order in a Banks pub). Girl looks completely blank, and turns round to enquire of the landlord...

Unknown said...

Under new management as of January 2013 - please feel free to pop in and see us, or check us out on TripAdvisor!

Ash said...

Closed as of June 2016, now an antiques/retro clothing shop.