Thursday 25 October 2007

Aberystwyth - Harry's Bar

Address: 40-46 North Parade, SY23 2NF. Tel: 01970 612647 [gmap] 
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Last APG visit: 04/03/2011
Background: This used to be a hotel-cum-bistro with a small residents bar, back in the day. Has taken a leaf out of the Bay's book (15 years later!) and turned itself into a large bar with a tokenistic Irish theme - which appears to extend little further than an Irish flag outside and some Guinness paraphernalia in the window.

Student factor: Looks like this is turning into a student haunt - usually ones dressed up bananas/Superwoman.

Drinks range: Fairly poor for such a large bar, no real ale (now got Double Dragon) no real ale (again) or unusual spirits. In fact, outside of Guinness, I don't recall seeing any Irish drinks at all. The only thing that I'd want to drink in here is the Brains 45 but that is an expensive option. 

Atmosphere: Getting busier at weekends but still quiet during the earlier parts of the week. It's huge inside with two enormous bar areas, so they're obviously expecting some customers. Beware that you can no longer do a lap of the bar as the left hand side is now given over to dining - an odd choice given the amount of drunk students in fancy dress only yards away...I wouldn't fancy eating there. The staff get sniffy if you wonder in there by accident, as I found myself!
TV/Music: Both, loudly and at the same time. TV's are dotted around - assuming that it's going to try and market itself as a sports destination venue? A previous visit yielded the eclectic sports choice of competitive skateboarding. 

Other stuff: Dark and hot. The toilets are quite an impressive affair, very modern now getting vandalised, need to keep on top of that. There's a 'no hidden catches' loyalty card available for various discounts. The food is also being pushed again.

Quinno’s verdict: Seems to be finding a niche amongst the students, but I find it a fairly bland box-ticker.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pub, you need to visit it again!