Wednesday 24 October 2007

Aberystwyth - Kanes

Formerly known as The Unicorn
Address: Corporation Street, SY23 2BT. Tel: 01970 615662 [gmap] 
Ceredigion CC historical pub info page (the 1981 entry is well-worth a read)

Last APG visit: 19/05/2012

Background: Small 2-floored drinking den with incredibly steep stairs leading downwards to the lower bar which is seemingly carved out of the hillside rock - a real health and safety botherer. Pub is only open in the evenings. A recent internal makeover has seen the toilets moved lock stock and barrel downstairs, with the area they previously occupied being turned into a pool and quizzer room.

Student factor: Some, but this is really one for the townies and friends of the football club as Landlord Jock is also the club's chairman. He's also good for banter when he’s in the mood. 

Atmosphere: Quite how this place stayed open when I was at Aber is a mystery, as me and my dozen friends seemed to be the only ones in it during the week. But here it still stands, rammed to the rafters on a weekend and seemingly not much else unless Aberystwyth Town get a result during the week. 

Drinks range: It's a teeny-weeny bar that used to serve lager and spirits only. There’s now a corporate ('buzzpubs'??) drinks menu at the table, centred squarely around alocopops, spirits and fighting ciders. In May 2012 we had some test tube shots which were, well, 'interesting'. Below the legal measure as well, according to a fellow APG agent.

TV/Music: Both, often loudly and at the same time - can be a real assault on the aural senses.
Other stuff: Look out for the bogs where you can add your own comedy message with a keyring. Used to have an excellent dingy UV corner upstairs where your teeth would glow a funny colour and everyone could see each others dandruff but that's gone now. Shame as that was a real selling point for people when things like that were only found in Kate Moss type coke-fiend bars in London. Pool table located upstairs now alongside a quizzer. Forgot to note if the Unicorn-monikered dart board is still in existence.

Quinno’s verdict: Perhaps you and your friends could make it a niche-pub during the week? It isn't one I'd particularly recommend myself, to be honest.

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Jym said...

Only ever went there once, thought the place looked terrible from the outside, worse from the inside and the beer, as I remember, had a smell and taste not unlike how I imagine bleach would be.

I think, when I was there, it was a hangout for a couple of sports teams.