Thursday 18 October 2007

Aberystwyth - Nightclubs

Not a great clubber myself, so will keep these brief...
Pier Pressure
Cheesy music and cheesy mofos. Friday is cheap night, but avoid Saturday as it’s a wallet-raper. An Aber legend, beloved of students and locals alike. I sometimes wonder how well a wrought-iron structure, continually battered by the corrosive salt of the Irish Sea, manages to sustain the weight of so many people jumping up and down each weekend...
Why Not (formerly Tavern in the Town; Skinner's Arms; Skinner's Video Bar; Porky’s; K2; Club Yoko's)
Ceredigion CC historical pub info page

Well well, another change of name for this place. The new incarnation retains a fair chunk of the Yoko's refit but strips away the worst bits of pretension (cheerio, Bog Troll!). Our visit on a Saturday evening in April saw a decent evening with a decent DJ (the Prodigy megamix was inspired). Also impressed by the availability of a decent bottle of beer (Marstons Pedigree). Would seem to be worth a visit - possibly for the first time in 10 years.

Old Yoko's review: Full of people who think they’re too classy for Pier Pressure. Cruelly exposed when they had pole-dancing nights for a while. “Page 3 stunners? Page 3 of the Racing Post more like!” was the reaction of the Boy Demitrius. Possibly the only place in Aber where Justin Timberlake is a cooler musical choice than Meatloaf. Only place in Aber (possibly West Wales) to employ a despised Bog Troll. My advice is to only drink bottled alcohol in here as the lager seems distinctly watery.
Pier Bar Brasserie (formerly the Indian on the Pier)
Full of locals who started off in Pier Pressure/Porky’s 10 years ago. Now go here because they’re maturing gracefully. Sort of. To be fair, it’s quite good fun and if you’re a mature student you could do a lot worse.


Anonymous said...

yoko's beats the union and the peer hands down easy - very plastic atmosphere but on a thurs/fri/satvfor a single guy/gal decent venue! tiny dance floor, over zealous bouncers and over priced drinks - a place to end up from 11 on. music ok but dont ask for anytihng but cheesy rock dance or pop - i asked for dashboard confessional once and was stared at blankly! good service and bar staff always friendly - this was all when it was still yokos though - haven't been back there since!

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say now that Why Not (knot?) is the club to go to. Yokos was always a bit naff, especially when it reached that really low point where they'd send people up and down town giving out leaflets and (true story) we bartered the entrance fee.
NOW it's actually got people going to it it's amazing! The bae is crap and the pier was always either too expensive or too rammed, but Why Not has got the balance spot on, although the dance floor isn't ginormous.
Plus Vodka is 60p! And they do Admirals!