Wednesday 31 October 2007



    +++LATEST UPDATE JULY 2019+++
    As I don't get up to Aber much at the moment, take this as a mothballed site for historical amusement. Maybe one day in the next year or so I'll manage to get up there again inbetween stints manning the real world.

    Welcome to Quinno's thoroughly biased - but hopefully informative and humorous - guide to all the pubs in and around Aberystwyth; the Good, the Bad and the Downright Strange. This is a not-for-profit site, so if I praise somewhere/slag it off it is my own personal opinion, nothing more. Feel free to leave comments, stories, corrections/clarifications on the site...comments are moderated so it may take a little while for yours to appear. I only check in once a week or so.

    Enjoy the site, 

    In development
      NB - Top photo is very cool. Unfortunately I can't link to the original as I was a bit drunk when I downloaded it. Whoops.


      Rhys Wynne said...

      Excellent idea for a blog. I've visited Aberystwyth (the San Fransico of Wales) a few times to visit friends a really like the town - great place for drinking.

      I guess you're happy taking your own photo's, but quite alot of pubs from aber are available here

      Quinno said...

      Hi Rhys,

      Thanks for the link - it's excellent.

      I prefer to take my own pics where possible (for copyright purposes) but there's a couple on there I may ask permission to use.

      "The San Francisco of Wales" - very apt!