Tuesday 30 October 2007

Aberystwyth - The Academy (Yr Academi)

Formerly known as Three Jolly Sailors; "a notorious den of iniquity..."

Address: 52 Great Darkgate Street, SY23 1DW. Tel: 01970 636852 [gmap]
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Open: 12pm-1am Sun-Fri, 11am-2am Sat

Last APG visit: 04/03/2011

Background: Massive derelict old chapel (called St. Paul’s, trivia fans), given a very expensive and unholy refit as a massive two-level bar (and as many speculated at the time, a club waiting to happen; but the local council seem to have put a stop to that idea...for now). The most impressive pub in Aber, fa├žade-wise. Inside had a refurb in Sept 2008 though it's fairly similar as before, except the middle partition downstairs has been removed - see pics of the new-look inside below.
Student factor: A classic student bar, but it attracts more than enough locals to stop it getting too up-it’s-own-arse.
Atmosphere: The acoustics of the old chapel design mean that it only needs a few people in to give it a better atmosphere than the number warrants. Usually a pretty good vibe most evenings during term-time and there’s enough seating to keep people in for a good while, rather than downing two bottles of lager and leaving. Suffers a bit when the students aren’t in town. The previous lack of air con which meant that the place got like a sauna upstairs looks to have been rectified post-2008 refurb.

Drinks range: Fair, now has an ale on and the prices have stabilized a bit. Service is notoriously variable, as are the amount of staff on duty. The ale can occasionally be a more unusual choice (Breconshire Brewery during November 2010, though it was just rotten old Felinfoel in March 2011) so worth giving it a go. Sells absinthe, if you really want a bad time.

TV/Music: Had a bank of TV screens cobbled together to make one big screen (so 1997…) which has now been replaced by the usual big screen. Otherwise, usual pre-clubbing style music.

Other stuff: The old preachers pulpit is a DJ booth, not that it ever gets used much given the dreams of clubbing have been dashed. Food, pool, quizzer and table football are available, as is some nice outdoor seating during summer. Pub is wheelchair-friendly. The upper balcony is a great place for people-watching, and looking down girls tops.

Quinno’s verdict: Offers enough to keep most punters happy for a drink or two and is excellent as a warm-up venue for a late night to follow.


Anonymous said...

I just left Aber and this was my favourite venue! Always filled up. I often go back to Aber to do work with www.cardinaltree.co.uk Great place to live/party!

Beer,Pub's&Footie man said...

Far too big a place, OK for Weekend's in a group but never get's a crowd big enough during rest of the week.
As it was quiet I stuck to the safe option of Beck's on draught as Staff were not look clued up on Beer.

Anonymous said...

They don't sell becks on draught, not in the last 2years anway... Awkward