Thursday 18 October 2007

Aberystwyth - Private clubs and other bars

Aberystwyth Rugby club
Address: Plascrug, SY23 1HL. Tel: 01970 623800

A big scruffy barn, with clapped-out furnishings that nonetheless serves a couple of good-quality ales (alongside the usual other keg suspects) in a friendly atmosphere during match day. Appears to be free to get in, so I'd recommend a trip out for an ale and some rugby. Spot the APG Agents in the photos above...
(UPDATE - poster below says that much needed refurb has recently taken place! Popped my head round the door in May 2012 and it does look nicer, though I couldn't see any ale on...hope it comes back!)
Aberystwyth Town FC (John Charles Lounge)
Address: Park Avenue, SY23 1PG. Tel: 01970 617939
Refurbished post-fire as the John Charles Lounge, this is now an excellent place to get a pint in (keg only) and watch ATFC. Has plentiful TV's with Sky Sports and a good sound system. Only downside is that it can be quite pricey. Ground located behind the bus depot. Only open matchdays, special event evenings and gut-buster Sunday lunches.
Commodore Cinema
Address: Bath Street, SY23 2NN. Tel: 01970 612421
Has a little bar downstairs that you can sneak into without a ticket during the film.

Watch out for Arkwright's till and the rather nice Stowford Press cider on offer (which was on in here long before its rise to national prominence).

The room is spacious and has remained virtually unchanged since the place opened. 

This cinema is unique and needs your support  - it's only £4.50 to get in! 
Conservative Club - CLOSED
Address: 19 Eastgate, SY23 2AR. Tel: 01970 617632
Last APG visit: 23/11/2008
Lovely building, just next to Court Royale.
Now opened up to non-members (you need to pay a £1 retainer at the bar). There were a couple of ales on (including a rather good choice in Adnams Old Ale). The interior is nothing to write home about but it's worth a look, especially if you like your beer.
Address: Marine Terrace, SY23 2AZ. Tel: 01970 636101
Sold Wrexham lager for £1.50 a pint and Stella for a £1 a bottle back in the day (yeah, like 2003!), these two bargains are now long gone.  Good for the football and a few frames. You can order food in here form the same menu as the Inn on the Pier. If you're lucky you might get it quicker too. There's now a beer garden out the back at the fag-end of the pier structure - innovation!
RAFA (Royal Air Force Association) Club - CLOSED
Address: 46 Bridge Street, SY23 1QB. Tel: 01970 615320

My aged review from 2009

Down by Rummers and full of old boys reminiscing about the war, along with their blue-rinsed wives. Hasn’t been modernized since the mid-70’s. Limited drinks range but worth sneaking in if you can for the novelty value. 'RAFA' stands for the Royal Air Force Association, BTW. Essentially, it's a club for people who are or used to be members of the RAF and provides a place for them to meet and socialise.

These days, anyone can join the RAFA in Aberystwyth, you don't have to be associated with the RAF. "It offers a great place for various types of groups to hold their social events and includes facilities such as a dance floor with a bandstand and a cosy bar area." 
Railway Club
Address:"Somewhere behind Argos"

Ah-ha! Spotted by me on the train out of Aber in May 2012, so it certainly exists - looks like it's behind the loading bay of the hell does one get to it?

Royal Naval Association Club
Address: Market Street, SY23 1DL. Tel: 01970 624787
Spotted on the most recent trip, no idea what resides within...any info appreciated. One presumes that salty old seadogs enjoy a tipple inside.
Rowing/boat club
Address: Aber Marina (at the end of South Beach prom)
Down by the Marina, sadly never sampled. 
St David's Club - CLOSED
Address: 35 Eastgate Street, SY23 2AR
About this I have little idea beyond the strange website above!*

Update from Vas, June 2017: "Like the The Nags Head, the building was owned by Marstons. The guy running the Downies Vaults bought his freehold from them and soon after what remained of the block (from the Downies all the way round Pier street to just before Galloways used to be) was put up for sale.  The inside of the St David's Club can often be seen in the current series of Hinterland, who filmed there 6 times last year"

And finally...
There’s also some smaller hotel bars, like the Richmond and Queensbridge. But if you think they’ll let you and your scruffy drunken chums in on a Wednesday evening, you’ve got another think coming.


Anonymous said...

A good article Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hi.aber rugby club has just undergone a major re-furb.pop in for a look, for those of you who remember the old fashioned 70s decore drab rooms but friendly atmosphere, you will be pleasntly surprized.we will eventually have photos on the club web site.

Anonymous said...

RE: Railway Club.

Facing Argos, you walk around the side road, you snake left and right round the loading bays and you will find it.The only reason I ever got in there was for a darts match in 2009. Nice little club with half decent ales on. Some old railway pictures of Aber on the wall as well.

Anonymous said...

Br club. Rt out of stn,100yds rt by bus stn down service rd.pass argos to yard is there...thats wot u c from train...nev